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  • Amazing unique fidget toy with simple spinner stick design, great for adults, kids or anyone, easy to flip, roll.
  • A good choice for killing time, helps relieve stress. Great for fidgety hands, ADHD sufferers.
  • Tip the stick over gently, and it will flip; use your hands to balance and flip it left to right or up and down; after you?re familiar with the basics skills, try to practice advanced skills by creating more shapes and moves; you can play several sticks at the same time, more interesting and more challenging.
  • Great for All Ages, Young and Old Alike. Providing endless trick possibilities for both the beginner and the seasoned master. Come to create your unique playing ways.
  • Material: Beech Wood with Premium Ring Grip Pads–light weight ergonomic design and best for fashion followers.

It is a great desktop toy to kill time, release stress, and train your focus and hand-eye coordination.
It is a fun hand toy to have fun with lover, families, or friends with endless fun and happiness.
It is an amazing magnetic toy without any limits. You can take it in your pocket to anywhere and start to roll the stick anytime.
Here are some skills to be a hand desktop toys master.
The basic level:
Use your hands or 1 finger to balance and flip it left to right or up and down or draw a square or a triangle.
Advanced level:
Flip & Hold: Use one finger to flip the stick from left to right. 
Catch and hold it on your hand after you flip it
Flip & Kiss: Use one stick to flip another stick from left to right or up and down.
Big Square: Use two ticks to create squares with both hands.
Expert Level:
Air Trapeze: Use one finger to flip stick from left to right. Catch and hold it on your hand after you flip it. Turn it 360 degrees and make it stand up straight.
Two moves: Use two sticks and move them in tandem with one hand.
Five moves: Use five sticks and move them in tandem with one hand. Balancing each stick is an exceptionally difficult challenge!
Multi-play Level:
Versus: On a large table, flip the stick back and forth between one another.
Marathon: With three or more friends, keep flipping the stick down the table continuously. 

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